Dear Doctor Chen,

My thank you for calling me last night with the good news.
My thank you for your care the past four years.
My thank you for the great Oncologist and caring Doctor you are.

I called it a miracle last night, but if it was not for the fine Surgeon
I had and you I may not be here to write you this note.

I am so very grateful to have you for my Oncologist.


Maria K.

Much to my surprise, your practice is very upbeat
and cheerful. My friends and family laugh when I tell them
I look forward to chemotherapy! I feel so good during
and after my infusions.

Cancer…not quite what I had planned on, but until I’m in
remission I could not ask for a better practice to partner
with on this journey.


Everyone in the Radiation Department are very
professional – all very reassuring and friendly - GREAT PEOPLE!


The entire staff involved with my treatment could not have
been better. Everything was done very professionally
and very personal as well.


You folks turned a serious, potentially dangerous medical
situation into an easy experience. It was a pleasure
to work with top-rate professionals.

Thank you all…..


Words can't adequately describe my gratitude, awe and
amazement at how completely positive my experience
with DVO Radiation Department has been! With 10 years
on this ovarian cancer journey of various treatments to
compare, this was like 30 visits to a "spa"!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


Absolutely the best treatment we could have asked for!
Excellent facility and wonderful people!

Tom B.

This is an excellent medical facility. You have a staff
to be PROUD of. I loved my graduation!

from patient survey

Awesome group of people made getting radiation daily
an enjoyable experience.

from patient survey

From my first day of planning to my last session-everything
was perfect. I feel extremely fortunate and lucky to have been
a patient here. Leeann was exceptional in helping schedule
appointments at John Muir for my scans-that she did not have
to do. The radiation therapists were all the best. If only all
medical facilities were this professional and pleasant, treatments
of all kinds would be a much better experience. DV Oncology
has raised the bar for others to endeavor to reach!

from patient survey

I was very impressed with the beautiful facility. My treatments
were conducted by a wonderful team. The greeters
were always pleasant. My doctor is caring, kind,
supportive and GREAT!!

from patient survey

I have never seen or experienced a department with
employees of such empathy and compassion.
Dr. Kamath at the top. His knowledge and expertise,
his explanation and answering all questions
with no rushing was of great satisfaction.

from patient survey

I have never had such great care and sense of warmth
and helpfulness anywhere. I would rate everyone of these
people in the radiation department. They made my treatments
easy to handle. Thank you all!!!

Mike F.

I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing
medical attention. The convenience of this one facility
for a patient's needs is awesome.

Marsha S.

Many of my friends came to sit with me during chemo.
We are so impressed with the building and décor.
It truly is inviting. Nothing I ever dreamed
I would see in a cancer center.

Beth F.

Dr. Catalya, your expertise, your experience, your logic,
your candor, and your willingness to exchange thoughts and
perspectives with your patients is greatly appreciated.

Ed H.

The PET scan facility is also state of the art. The atmosphere
was more spa-like as I waited in my easy chair for my scan
prep to finish. What a difference from my previous experience.

Marsha S.

Dr. Sirott, when you have a hard day, remember that your
patients and families appreciate all that you do for them; not just
with your medicine, but emotionally with your kind words,
smiles, and yes your occasional hugs that we reached out for.

Kelly H.

Dr. Sirott, The care I have been given over the past nine
months has been superior. There are so many people that have
touched my life with compassion and caring. All with great
professionalism. You and Sarah helped us through one of
the worst times of our lives.

Beth F.

All medical personnel that I have encountered; from the lab tech
to the Doctor's medical assistants to the infusion nurses, have
been very pleasant, caring, listening and helpful. Under the
stress of cancer, it is a place to feel that your needs are
being met with a caring smile and attitude

Marsha S.

I did not have much hope to ever see Belgium again
yet here I am...thanks to you Dr. Chen.

Maria F.

Dr. Sirott, you are an amazing doctor that we will always
hold close to our hearts and be forever grateful to.

Kelly H.

Dear Diablo Valley Oncology Nurses and assistants,

If one must have chemo I cannot imagine a better facility
of a more excellent group of nurses and assistants.
The comfortable chairs with pillows and warm blankets
only add to the positive experience.

From scheduling to injections, vitals to excellent nursing care –
a five-star facility to be proud of for certain.
Thank you for all of your loving care.

C. Jane