Patient Newsletter Archive

February 2014 E-Newsletter

The February cancer newsletter highlights an article by Gigi Chen on Cancer Prevention Awareness month, and Diablo Valley Oncology’s “Many Faces of Colon Cancer” event.

January 2014 E-Newsletter

The January cancer newsletter highlights Diablo Valley Oncology’s Quality Cancer Care recertification and blogs from Gigi Chen and Tinrin Chew about cervical cancer and cancer fighting foods.

December 2013 E-Newsletter

The December cancer newsletter features a review of the new oral anticoagulant medication and its issues as well as some delicious holiday recipes and upcoming meeting times and locations for several cancer support groups.

November 2013 E-Newsletter

The November cancer newsletter focused on the Cancer Awareness movement know as Movember as well as a special Holiday recipe and a class to help with swollen limbs.

October 2013 E-Newsletter

The October cancer newsletter focused on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Making Strides Breast Cancer Event.

September 2013 E-Newsletter

The September cancer newsletter focused on The Many Faces of Breast Cancer educational event.

August 2013 E-Newsletter

The August cancer newsletter includes information on cancer screenings, the recipe of the month, Mohs surgery and new T Cell treatment.

July 2013 E-Newsletter

The July cancer newsletter includes Is Genetic Testing Right For You? Natural Protein Stunts Tumor Growth & Take Care of Your Bladder.

February 2013 E-Newsletter

February’s cancer newsletter includes Patients Choice Award doctors, a blog by Dr. Christine Lee, Cancer Prevention Awareness facts and upcoming events.

January 2013 e-Newsletter

January’s cancer newsletter: January is Cervical Cancer Awareness month, there is a new Oncology Rehab Program at DVO and recipe book for patients.

December 2012 E-Newsletter

December’s cancer newsletter includes the upcoming Frankly Speaking About Melanoma event, Breast Cancer Forum & recipe of the month for DVO cancer patients.

October 2012 e-Newsletter

October’s cancer newsletter: Breast Cancer Awareness month is here again, An Evening in Pink Breast Cancer Event, Light the Night Walk and recipes.

November 2012 e-Newsletter

November’s cancer newsletter includes free screenings with a pulmonologist, November is Lung Cancer Awareness month, and recipes available for patients.

September 2012 e-Newsletter

September’s cancer newsletter includes Prostate Cancer Awareness month, free prostate cancer screenings available, a men’s health seminar and recipes.

August 2012 e-Newsletter

August’s cancer newsletter includes the John Muir Women’s Health Expo, a blog on Kale, Multiple Myeloma event, and new doctor blogs for DVO patients.

July 2012 e-Newsletter

July’s cancer newsletter includes information on Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, free skin cancer screenings, and recipes for DVO patients.

June 2012 e-Newsletter

June’s cancer newsletter includes information on Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, free skin cancer screenings, and recipes for DVO patients.

May 2012 e-Newsletter

May’s cancer newsletter includes information on Melanoma Awareness Month, the Many Faces of Cancer Event, Prop 29 and recipes for DVO patients.