DVO Pharmacy

MedicationsDesigned for the convenience of our patients, we provide a pharmacy dispensing service for medications prescribed by Diablo Valley Oncology physicians.


  • Filling prescriptions on site at Diablo Valley Oncology takes just a few minutes.
  • The service is particularly helpful for new prescriptions and refill prescriptions given to you during the course of your Diablo Valley Oncology physician visit.
  • In addition to our most frequently prescribed medications, we focus on stocking medications that have been difficult for our patients to acquire.
  • The co-pay costs are no different than they would be in your local pharmacy and sometimes better. Our staff will do everything possible to help lower your co-pay and also provide support and information on medication assistance programs.
  • The Diablo Valley Oncology Physician Dispensing Program uses the same software and has the same relationships with patients’ insurance companies/Medicare as any retail pharmacy. We are also able to bill Medicare Part B.
  • Note, there is no obligation to have prescriptions filled at Diablo Valley Oncology and you may continue to receive your medications from the pharmacy of your choice.

For detailed information about your medications, please visit our online Medication Library or call 925-677-5041 and ask for the pharmacy.