Tests at DVO


For your convenience we perform a variety of laboratory tests in our office. Your insurance may require you to have laboratory work done elsewhere. Your physician or nurse practitioner will inform you if your laboratory studies need to be drawn prior to your appointment day or if they can be drawn at our lab on the day of your appointment. Your physician or nurse practitioner may order tests from outside laboratories that are a necessary part of your diagnostic evaluation and ongoing medical care. Unfortunately, your insurance company may not pay for some tests. We do not assume financial responsibility for costs not covered. We will provide your insurance company with the documentation and rationale for the medical necessity of the testing, but payment for those tests is your responsibility.

Diagnostic imaging

If your physician or nurse practitioner orders diagnostic imaging studies (such as CT, PET or MRI scans), you must schedule these tests at facilities authorized by your insurance company. In our facility, we offer MRI/PET/CT and diagnostic imaging. Testing should be scheduled so that results are available before your next scheduled appointment with us.

Test results

Your physician or nurse practitioner will discuss your test results with you at a scheduled appointment. Our staff cannot give test results directly to patients unless the physician has authorized release of specific information. However, the staff will make a follow-up appointment for you if you do not already have one.