Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer & Gynecologic Cancers

Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx)

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EBXIn March 2010, we began offering Xoft Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx), a breakthrough radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer, skin cancer, and some gynecologic cancers. Xoft eBx is an alternative to radioactive isotope-based brachytherapy. It utilizes a miniaturized X-ray source to deliver precisely localized, high dose radiation to the target area, at low energy.

Treatment can be performed without the need for a shielded room, allowing the radiation oncologist and other medical personnel to be present during treatment delivery which can minimize patient anxiety. Xoft eBx allows for the radiation to be ‘more tightly’ focused around the tumor target which helps protect healthy organs and tissue. One of the biggest benefits to Xoft eBx is that is it requires fewer sessions than traditional radiation. Treatment for early stage breast cancer, skin cancer, and some gynecologic cancers can often be accomplished in as little as 5 sessions. Xoft eBx eliminates the use of radioactive isotopes, resulting in less exposure to radiation, fewer side effects, and excellent outcomes for patients.

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DVO on KGO-TV San Francisco

A technology developed in the Bay Area is now being used as an alternative therapy for treating the most common form of skin cancer. There’s now a non-surgical option to consider.

“It was right in my right ear, it was like four little spots,” said skin cancer patient L.J. Hauss.

When Hauss was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, the first option was surgery.

“He said you could do an operation with a skin graft and that would take a long time to heal,” said Hauss.

Instead, Hauss’ doctors turned an alternative for treating common types of carcinoma. It’s a form of precisely targeted radiation known as brachytherapy, which normally involves the placement radioactive pellets near the site of the cancer. But Sachin Kamath, M.D., from Diablo Valley Oncology, says this system, called Axxent, works differently.


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